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Nonlinear Microscopy and Optical Control 2008
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Technical program
 Advance progran

Contribute to the NMOC 2008 conference

The NMOC 2008 conference will support both contributed talks (12 minutes plus discussion) as well as a poster session. Posters will be on display during the whole conference. You can express your preference whether you would like to contribute a talk or a poster.

For submitting your contribution, please prepare a short summary and an abstract using the LaTeX template provided below. The complete output of the LaTeX document must not exceed a single page. You can use an inline figure if you like. For your convenience, a shortcut command for placing a figure inside the text body is provided. Please do not use any additional packages.

Please note, if you have difficulties filling out the LaTeX form, please send us your submission as a plain text or MS Word (only up to Word 2003) file or OpenOffice document, up to a single page including graphics, and additionally any figure you use in the submission in eps Format by email to info@nmoc.org. This will produce some extra workload for us and for yourself, so please use the LaTeX if possible.

 Guidelines for contribution submission
 LaTeX template file
 Optional LaTeX class file for local compiling (requires floatflt.sty)
 Example summary layout

Submission will be in 5 steps:
  1. Confirming your email address
  2. Providing your contact information
  3. Uploading the .tex file and an optional .eps image
  4. Confirming the automatically generated pdf document
  5. You will be notified of acceptance after December 18, 2007

The submission deadline has passed and submission is closed except for summaries of invited talks.

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